A Day in the Life of a Townee

March 3, 2022

By mytown

 A Day in the Life of a Townee

by Townee Shae Vela

A house is a structure. Stripped down, it’s four walls, windows, a door, and a roof. These are the basic makings of what a house is and in my opinion, inside this structure is where a home unfolds. Like wallpaper spreading evenly on every wall, floor tiles being laid down piece by piece like a jigsaw puzzle, and curtains being drawn to welcome another day. Every bit is just as important as the latter, not bound by physical reality. A home is within us, colored by our imaginings and for me it’s purple and white.

The clock hits 9:00 am and the alarm goes off. Another blank page yet to be filled with what this day has in store for me. I go out and walk the halls, every door greeting me like a familiar friend. Walking towards the elevator, I come across friends who are also starting their day by grabbing breakfast at the cafeteria. Being miles away from home makes me miss home cooking and having food from upstairs reminds me of it. 

Now, off to start with work. No place better to do this than in the Worklab. Having the peace this space provides keeps me focused on every task. A few steps from the Worklab and I have the view of the city at the Penthouse. Spending a few minutes here helps my brain breathe. I sit and relax, taking in the ideas this city life has to offer. At night, I enjoy having dinners and late night jams here with friends. Nothing compares to the beauty the city lights bring at night. The bliss of having the scenery, the company of friends, and the support of my family even from afar, makes me feel at home.

Once the day ends, I head down to my room bringing with me new ideas, thoughts, and memories I’ve added to my book. More than the physical reality, MyTown has been my home. Providing me with everything I never thought I needed and boosting me each day to further my career and achieve each goal I set for myself. Indeed, a house is also a home. It can have as many walls, windows, doors, and can be in any color you want it to be and for me it’s purple and white.