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In this day and age where the life of a young professional is all about the hustle, we often forget to pause; to seize the moment and see beauty in the present. MyTown introduces its first series of stories from real people with real experiences and how each tale tells a significant perspective.
Vlad (Filipino, 22)

I work at Uber Technologies as a Community Communications Specialist. My role is to assist first-time drivers who sign up with the app until their first ride.

After college, I promised myself that I would never commute and here I am! I just love walking; it saves me time and it keeps me healthy. I enjoy looking at the scenes around me whenever I walk to and from work. It feels quite good to take time and pause from my everyday life -- to be just "in the moment".

Some say that night shifts are a nightmare but I can testify it's the opposite! Wanna know what a typical day for me looks like? Working a 10pm to 7am shift means I get up at 8pm, leave at 9pm and walk to work. After shift, I get home around 8am. Then, I sleep at 12pm.

Outside of work, I have no dull moments. I consider myself as an extrovert. I love socializing and meeting new people. When I have time, I engage in seminars and workshops related to another passion of mine: agriculture. For me, life has always been vibrant; there's just always something you can be happy about!

Ayel (Filipino, 28)

I've been working as a filmmaker for over 10 years. I had no formal training though, just a knack for creating content and a few well-connected peers.

I started doing film for weddings and eventually covered street dance competitions. But on the side, I do content, videos and commercials for local and international brands. In the long run, I realized how much I fell in love with documenting street dance competitions. The adrenaline rush I feel whenever I cover these kinds of events is beyond belief. I find thrill in capturing how the beat of the music and a dancer's moves are in sync. I live for filming the right moment.

I enjoy being the man behind the lens a lot, as it gives me the power to see things happening off-screen that contribute to the beauty that happens on screen.

When I'm not busy editing videos, I spend my time dj-ing. Four years ago, I started my career as an underground scene DJ. My music isn't like the usual EDM you hear; I feel like mine's more appreciated by a niche market. I'm also planning to study film making in the future. Overall, despite the industry I'm in, I'm more comfortable out of the limelight, and am a super shy guy who prefers pre-meditated conversations.

Fumiya (Japanese, 23)

Konnichiwa! My name is Fumiya and I love the Philippines! About 1 and a half year ago, I watched a tv show in Japan that featured the lives of Filipinos in Manila. I got so curious so I decided to study English in the Philippines and left my job in the hotel business back in Japan. That's when I officially started my career as a Youtuber!

Most of my vlogs are about the Philippines: the food, the people and the places. I find it easy to create content because Filipinos are very friendly; everywhere I go, I make new friends. I can't explain it but I've never felt this excitement when I was in Japan.

If I had to choose between my old job in Japan vs my life in the Philippines, I'm picking the Philippines! Even though I edit my videos for many hours, I don't find it stressful at all! Work doesn't feel like work when you're having fun in what you do.

Faith (Filipino, 24)

Metro Manila; blinding lights, towering buildings, and deafening noise. A breeding place for the champions. When I entered this city, I had little to zero knowledge of how overwhelming it can be for a girl who only had interactions with cows, goats, chickens, and rice paddies. With the mindset that I will have a better chance if my diploma is Manila-made, my parents sent me here to study. After eight years of living here, I can conclude that Manila is a place where both evil and saints collide. Bad company will insist their standards of perfection, but good company will at the end of the day help you to reboot again. Most importantly, I realized that the right place is found by making some wrong turns. I'm happy that I was able to find that Place, the place where I needed to be to mend my broken soul.

Bo (Filipino, 44)

I think being a graphic designer is the coolest job ever. I've been in the creative industry for more than 20 years now, working abroad at an advertising agency in Saudi Arabia andnow here in the Philippines in BGC. We have around 160 graphic designers in one hub, and getting older while being surrounded by all these young fellows made me have to quickly adapt to the millennial culture! Learning new skills, contemporary styles and stuff. But as long as you're friendly and an easy to approach kind of person, they’re willing to help me.

I love swimming, love to go outdoors; the beach in particular. We are all into freediving, and perhaps will also try scuba diving soon. I collect comic books and Star Wars toys. Nice movies stimulate me, aside from a good cup of coffee! These are just some of the things that makes my day. I don’t think I would have been able to do these things without the blessing and guidance from God. Being a Christian, I am very grateful for all the things that were given to me.

Harvey (Filipino, 24)

I’ve been struggling with “perfect people” for a very long time. They would judge my beauty by my skin color, my intelligence by how I speak English, my personality by the place I grew up in, and my capability by the college I attended. I was so negative about it that I just stopped listening to them and let them say what they want.

But I now use all the judgement I experienced in life as my weapon to be beautiful and be the best in everything I do, because I am the only one who can pick myself up, love myself, and share it with everyone I love. So I always stand up and remember that I am Flawsome!

Kayla (Filipino, 25)

As a young working millennial who was just starting her way in the big city, it can be tough. Getting a job is one thing, but what follows can be even harder: finding a place to stay, meeting new friends, where to eat, how to get to work. I feel very lucky to have found this place, because it makes becoming independent a lot easier. I can rest easy and still get all the help I need to become the best version of myself: they actively build a strong community by hosting events, gatherings, and parties.

Mac (Filipino, 26)

Four years ago, I felt like I did not have any direction in life. Not that there were many forks presented in front of me; I just did not know what to make of myself. I wanted to be a master of everything, yet in that pursuit I only ended up not finishing anything at all.

In that malstrom, I decided to move to Saudi Arabia for work. The idea that in the middle of the dessert, a once nomadic land, sits a grandiose amalgamation of history, architecture and art, was amazing to me.

My only means to stay connected with the rest of the world was lost when someone accidentally lost my phone upon arrival. A blessing in disguise. Without my phone, I started missing friends, family, and entertainment, but I pushed myself to finish something for once and finish my employment contract. In the process, I found myself embracing the country, new friends, and books. I was reading one book after the other. I loved it, extended my stay, and I fell in love literature so much that I wanted to write it myself. So I started writing. And I still am writing today.

Have I discovered who I am? I still do not know where I will be going next or what the next chapter is in store for me. But I know, whatever it is, I am more confident with my decisions. I will still make mistakes along the way. I will still not fathom the idea that I am an adult already. But I am not afraid of it anymore.

Sami (Filipino, 28)

Since I was young I wanted to be with someone special. That longing came from losing my dad when I was 18, and my mom being busy with providing for us. I asked myself how I’ll be worthy of finding someone. Getting married was the constant, never-ending quest I would incessantly try to unlock. I tried to solve it by focusing on material things; how much money I should have, being up to date on the latest fashion trend, changing my personality to be attractive to the opposite sex.

I knew that one area that I have to work and improve on was my finances: I should have enough money eventually in order to be able to ask someone to marry me. I felt I had to prove myself an independent man and thus moved out of our house and into MyTown. I was saving enough, enough to be able to treat ladies for dates, but I felt I had to earn more somehow. And just then I bumped into a trader asking me to borrow him money in exchange for high monthly interests, so long as I could borrow him money.

I agreed, and next thing I know I was signing loan agreements with banks in order to be able to provide him the funds. One day I woke up and realized that I was about to lose what I wanted to prove about myself from the very beginning. Life has a bitter way of proving a point sometimes, but as long as you get that point in the end, it’s worth it.