Getting Back In Touch

July 14, 2022

By mytown

 Getting Back In Touch

by Townee Shae Vela

Being cooped up and getting used to remote alternatives has its own pros and cons. One is obviously the convenience. No more traffic, waiting in line for a ride, or spending money going to work. But amidst all the new habits or routines I’ve gained through the pandemic, one stayed and flourished—socializing.

The pandemic taught us that distance is not a hindrance to building better and stronger bonds with friends and families. It showed us that even through a black screen, we could enjoy the finer things in life. However, we can’t deny the gap left by physical touch. Meeting peers and relatives virtually is okay but having a physical presence is still better.

With social events slowly returning, we get to enjoy what we’ve been deprived of for so long. Concerts, traveling, hangouts, and a lot more! Live events in our simple and inclusive community at MyTown are making their way to remind us what it feels like to hear genuine laughter, see big smiles, and actually be present while experiencing life with our co-Townees. These activities came back at the time when we needed them the most. Nothing can compare to having a long chat with a friend at the roof deck while enjoying the view of BGC or enjoying live acoustic music at MyTown Sounds! Now that we get to indulge in socializing, everything feels more complete.

What we’ve missed for so long came back a lot better. We all became wiser and stronger. Although we might’ve lost a lot through the journey, better doors opened and will open for us as we progress. So cheers to everyone! We can now finish coloring those travel plans that’s been postponed for so long!