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In this day and age where the life of a young professionals living in Makati and BGC is all about the hustle, we often forget to pause; to seize the moment and see beauty in the present. MyTown introduces its first series of stories from real people with real experiences and how each tale tells a significant perspective.

Filipino, 25

When my lola was still alive, she wanted my cousins and I to study in the same university so we all went to Adamson University. While most of them took up Engineering, I got a degree in Financial... More

Filipino, 22

I'm currently a shooting guard on my final year of college as a Hospitality Management major. I've been playing basketball ever since grade school. I was in my third year in college when I experienced yung maburn... More

Filipino, 25

I've always been competitive. Unfamiliarity can be scary but it thrills me more than it scares me. I am passionate in the process that I go through every time I take on a new challenge. There's... More

Filipino, 23

I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Then, nagcollege ako sa Manila where I took up Marketing Management. I worked for a few months right after graduation but I just couldn't ignore this... More

Filipino, 29

I've been working as a research specialist for the past seven years in a financial services company. I choose my job everyday because I like what I'm doing and I get along well with my colleagues.... More

Filipino, 29

This is a tribute to my family: my mom, and younger brother who have been my supporters since day one of this endeavor, and to my father who had passed away.... More

Filipino, 31

After graduating, I looked for an architectural firm that had the same ideals as mine and at the same time, a job that would support my dreams and my family. I waltzed my way through different types of... More

Filipino, 25

Growing up in the province and being the only son of the family is a setup where it's so hard to come out of the closet. Syempre, ikaw lng yung "magtatawid ng lahi" di ba. Yes, I am not straight as I am attracted... More

Filipino, 22

First of all, I would like to take this chance to thank my single mom who gave me everything I needed and more. You will forever be my hero. I can't put into words how in awe I am of her for raising two kids by... More

Shae and Claire
Filipino, 22 and 21

Claire: Shae and I knew each other ever since high school. My mom and her dad were batchmates, too. Pero nung high school hindi pa kami close. We knew each other by name. We only became friends... More

Filipino, 27

Working at a young age, I didn't have any clear life goals or even a list of goals.

I took a technical vocational course in Don Bosco Technical... More

Filipino, 22

I've always wanted to be a flight attendant. But, life has its own way of surprising you. Halfway through college, my family encountered financial difficulties that led me to stop my studies and pursue... More

Filipino, 24

Growing up in a traditional Chinese family, I've seen my life planned ahead of me: from the school's I'll be going to, to the career I'm going to take, to the day I would finally take over our family business.... More

Filipino, 22

work at Uber Technologies as a Community Operations Specialist. My role is to assist first-time drivers who sign up with the app until their first ride.
After college, I promised... More

Filipino, 28

I live for filming the right moment.

I've been working as a filmmaker for over 10 years and have been active in the street dance community both here and outside of PH. On... More

Japanese, 23

Konnichiwa! My name is Fumiya and I love the Philippines! About 1 and a half year ago, I watched a tv show in Japan that featured the lives of Filipinos in Manila. I got so curious so I decided to study English... More

Filipino, 24

Metro Manila; blinding lights, towering buildings, and deafening noise. A breeding place for the champions. When I entered this city, I had little to zero knowledge of how overwhelming it can be for a... More

Filipino, 44

I think being a graphic designer is the coolest job ever. I've been in the creative industry for more than 20 years now, working abroad at an advertising agency in Saudi Arabia andnow here in the ... More

Filipino, 24

I’ve been struggling with “perfect people” for a very long time. They would judge my beauty by my skin color, my intelligence by how I speak English, my personality by the place I grew up in, and my capability... More

Filipino, 25

As a young working millennial who was just starting her way in the big city, it can be tough. Getting a job is one thing, but what follows can be even harder: finding a place to stay, meeting new friends, where... More

Filipino, 27

Four years ago, I felt like I did not have any direction in life. Not that there were many forks presented in front of me; I just did not know what to make of myself. I wanted to be a master of everything, yet in... More

Filipino, 28

Since I was young I wanted to be with someone special. That longing came from losing my dad when I was 18, and my mom being busy with providing for us. I asked myself how I’ll be worthy of finding someone. Getting married was... More

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